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Cookie with Fortune

new cookie in town...

cookie good friend. cookie good enemy.
cookie ILL. cookie very iLL. cookie speak

mind wish iLLFortune.



cookie come from nowhere like alien.


cookie birth unknown. cookie parent unknown.
cookie name unknown. appear in chinese take
out box on doorstep iLLFortune company founder.

that day on name "cookie". rest history.



meet stranger? break ice with cookie...


anytime. anywhere. give cookie. meet person you

think funny, crazy, strange or sexy? be unpredictable!

give cookie! you bring smile to face of victim every time!

perfect: coffee table, at hangover, at wedding, at funeral

(risky) bookstore, coffee shop, at bachelor/rette party,

during teabagging, instead teabagging, break-up with

shitty lover, flirt prospective lover, dessert, instead dessert,

inside desk, on desk, under desk,next desk, basically

anywhere near desk good,

perfect for office.  mess with co-workers - perfect for

break room or grumpy boss' desk.

some customers keep a cookies in jacket pocket or purse

or in car at all times. they meet a stranger and it's on - very

original approach for first encounter - if victims have sense

of humor they instantly see YOU as original!  (finally)


you're welcome.

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