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Why Cookie Makes the BEST PRANK

Let’s face it. I’m small, cute and no one can resist a fortune cookie.

You can use me to get a date. The way to someone’s mouth is through their sweet tooth. Don’t believe that stomach bullsh*t!

You can use me to get back at an enemy. For every enemy of yours that touches Cookie’s fortune suffers eternal ill fortune. (saves you money from hiring a hitman)

You can use me to prank. Consider yourself the next Ashton Kutcher? Pick up your camera. Put me in your backpack (careful not to crush me —- no one likes a crushed cookie!) and let’s prank the hell out of people. 

5. Take me to your favorite cafe, bar or restaurant. Randomly pick a vict..err person and say “here’s a cookie!” you might get a weird look, but shrug it off and walk away. Cookie is not responsible if the person tries to kill you.

4. Work in a big office? Perfect. Cookie fits nicely in people’s personal inboxes (Cookie talking about the old fashion ones - not email boxes (cyber cookies coming soon!) sit back and watch your unexpected coworkers open me up!

3. Buy a box “in bed” with a group of your friends. My boring cousin (the typical fortune cookies you get at a Chinese restaurant) taught me this game. You say “in bed” at the end of the fortune. To make things even more interesting. You can say “in bed” before the fortune and follow it with “under the sheets” after the fortune.

2. Screw the apples. Give your Professor a fortune cookie. Again Cookie not responsible for a failing grade.

1. This one might require a little work, but it’s doable. Going to your favorite Chinese restaurant? Before the server brings out my boring cousin, I stress BORING! Hand me over to the server and tell the server just to serve me to you vict…errr friends/family. They won’t know what hit them!

Ready to prank? I’m ready for you to order ME!


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