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iLL Fortune: Kim Kardashian Got Flour Bombed

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This made Cookie laugh, look at Kim, standing all nice and sexy --- suddenly BAM she got flour all over her. According to TMZ, they believe it was a PETA activist. Those bastards annoy me. They hurt Cookie's poor little Kimmy. Not nice at all. The only time Cookie supports PETA is when they hire hot models to lay around mostly naked. Cookie is drooling just thinking about spinach covering ta-tas and ding dongs (got to appeal to Cookie's lady readers).

Were those leather pants real? It's AMERICA. Land of the free, home of the iLL (I'm calling you out PETA people) Kim be grateful it wasn't rotten eggs and stinky baby diapers. Cookie knows you're not ready for motherhood, but the PETA folks have no shame. They might be secretly plotting to whack you with diapers. Be careful Kim.




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