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iLL Fortune: Fortune Cookies for the Brave


iLLFortune: Fortune Cookies for the Brave

Irreverent and hilariously inappropriate treats spark conversation,
induce surprise and delightfully offend

UNION CITY, CA  (Jan 18th, 2012) There’s a new fortune cookie on the
block, a bold and wicked treat with sardonic wit and a dose of
surprise thrown into the recipe.

It’s called iLLFortune.

We all know about fortune cookies, those sweet treats with sappy
messages tucked inside. The tradition began in San Francisco around
the year 1900, and today the fortune cookie industry creates 3 billion
of these sweet treats each year. Now iLLfortune has turned the concept
upside down.

iLLFortune’s top cookie David Fenton grew tired of the boring drivel
spouted by fortune cookie makers, so he took a different tack:
“Fortune cookies for the brave.” The iLLFortune cookie’s fortunes are
irreverent and often off-color snippets designed to bring about
laughter, surprise and the ultimate “gotcha” moment. And, yes, they
even create friendships, bringing people together in unpredictable

What if your cookie contained the following iLLFortunes?:

  Your pet is planning to eat you.

  Your likeness to a hobbit will not serve you in the dating world.

  Prozac is planning a long term relationship with you.

  Counting sheep is not meant for the purpose of arousal. Get help.

  The voices in your head think you’re an idiot.

The company’s playful website,, says it best:

“Cookie meet more people. Prank stranger, make friend. You share with
friends. Make you likeable. Finally.” These are the words of Cookie,
the schizophrenic mascot who wishes people ill through the fortunes he
writes.“There's a back-story to iLLFortune involving a mysterious orphan
“Cookie” who appeared on the doorstep of the founder. This orphan
possesses an uncanny ability to not only predict the future but also see
through people as if they are made of cellophane”, says Fenton.

iLLFortune cookies come in traditional Chinese takeout containers, in
orders from 20 cookies (only $12) up to 700. And, while the unfortunate
messages may make you cringe, the nutritional label won’t. iLLFortune
cookies contain no saturated fat and no cholesterol, and one cookie
contains fewer than 30 calories.

SF Weekly had this to say about iLLFortune: “There's something
irresistible about the way this quintessentially San Francisco
invention has been injected with a dose of East Bay sass.”

For more information on iLLFortune, contact the company through its
website, or call 415-419-5555.


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